Welcome to our services

It's not what we do, it's the way that we do it

We pride ourselves on being fun and innovative trainers. We want the message to reach your staff and service users in the best way possible and for that message to have meaningful, measurable impact

Student education

From primary to universities we have age appropriate material and resources to engage and teach your students

Conferences & shows

Need a specialist speaker? Our team have a number of field specialists to engage an audience of any size, anywhere

Teacher training

We provide training in various safeguarding subjects and can educate your staff in relevant topics that affect the young people of today

Team training

Prisons, healthcare, store staff, organisational teams, police, social workers, parents and any other group! Just look at what we can offer

Peer group support

No more isolation. Our specialists can make a visit to your organisation and assist in the setting up of a LGBT support group

Policy review

Policies are there to protect, incorporating the Equality Act 2010 we can help make sure they are inclusive for all