On 3rd September 2018 Inspiring Healthy Choices launched Project GIVE.

Project GIVE aims to tackle the problem of lost education time due to issues relating to periods whether it be period poverty (being unable to afford suitable sanitary items) or period shame (not accessing suitable items due to stigma).

Since its launch, our dedicated group of volunteers have been working tirelessly to: set up donation points, collect donated items and scream from the rooftops that…     

Periods are normal, not embarrassing and worth talking about!

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We are thrilled to be accepting donations through GoldenGiving

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Project GIVE
Project GIVE6 hours ago
Period products are now the 5th most common plastic item found on Europe’s beaches - more widespread than single-use coffee cups, cutlery or straws😰

📸 Repost from @elladaish

#projectgivewv #periods #menstrualhealth #endperiodpoverty #notaluxury #endperiodstigma #periodpositive #periodproud #education #Wolverhampton #freeperiods #shamefreeperiods #environmenstrualweek #periodaction
Project GIVE
Project GIVE17 hours ago
We love our earth and have always promoted the benefits of plastic free products, but during this week we will be telling you even MORE about the damage that plastic based products can have on the Earth and our bodies 🌎

We want to hear from YOU!

Did you make the switch to a menstrual cup, reusable or plastic free pads, organic no plastic tampons or a sponge? Tell us why or by messaging us direct 😊

#projectgivewv #periods #menstrualhealth #endperiodpoverty #notaluxury #endperiodstigma #periodpositive #periodproud #education #Wolverhampton #freeperiods #shamefreeperiods #environmenstrualweek #periodaction
Project GIVE

We collect the following items:

Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Underwear (adult and child) and Wipes. We then package these up and donate them to Wolverhampton schools.

Our Mission…

It is our mission at Project GIVE to eradicate period poverty within the city of Wolverhampton.

We firmly believe that there should be no reason for young people to miss education in the 21st century, least of all because they have their period. Our objectives are simple;

  • Grow a network of supportive partners and engage with the local community.
  • Inspire young people to be more body aware, confident and to understand their menstrual cycles.
  • Value; our partners, volunteers, supporters and young people.
  • Educate the young people of Wolverhampton about subjects which affect them but rarely get discussed in great detail.

GIVE young people a better chance of success.

Want to be a Volunteer?

If you are caring, passionate about young people’s education and have a few spare hours on your hands then we would love to hear from you!