Blog virgin blows her own trumpet!

“Make a blog Kelly”, “Everyone is blogging”, “blogging is the way forward”

I guess everyone starts somewhere and I realised that today is the day that my blogger cherry is well and truly popped.

Why today (of all days) I hear you scream, why this Tuesday 17th July 2018, why now? Well I shall keep you in suspense no longer.

Last night I was nosying around on Companies House, trying to see if my first annual report had been received and uploaded, because that’s what normal people do at 10pm on a Monday evening isn’t it? In my defense, I couldn’t find anything on Netflix that would fill the gap that ‘Staircase’ had made since I finished watching and so I turned to the world wide web to entertain me until bed time. Anyway, I digress… There it was, my filed annual report, crisp and clear on Companies House, ready for anyone else to ponder over.

Now I know that this isn’t BIG news in the grand scheme of things, I could have blogged about the world cup or Trump’s recent visit to the U.K but sadly neither hold my attention much (if at all).

And so I was scrolling down (on the report) and right down on the bottom was our social impact page and i have to say it WOW’d me, and I shouldnt have been surprised really, after all, I was there at all of the moments of social impact and more to the point I wrote the social impact page! But I guess it was seeing it in black and white, available for the world to view (when Netflix is lacking) that made me sit up and realise… Just look what I did.

For those that don’t wish to hold the cookies and spiders of Companies House on their device, here is the important stuff, this is what we did in the year proceeding our first, ever annual report;

General description of the company’s activities and impact

The company offers training to professionals and young people in a variety of subjects including (but not limited to) relationships, sexual health, gender and sexuality with inclusion being at the core of everything that we deliver.

Inspiring Healthy Choices CIC began delivery of training in October 2016 following a number of successful pilot training sessions. During the financial year 2017-2018 the company’s activities have benefitted the community in the following ways:

* Delivery of Relationship and Sexual health Education (SRE) to over 750 young people (circa 14-19 years old) with an aim to reduce sexually transmitted infections, unplanned teenage pregnancy and abusive teenage relationships and to increase knowledge in consent, healthy relationships and awareness of wider services available offering further support. All sessions have a sound underpinning of medical knowledge and are inclusive to all sexualities and gender identities.

* Gifted over 100 working hours to local and national charities supporting young people, service development and the LGBT+ community.

* Provided 3 local specialists with sessional work to deliver RSE and LGBT+ Inclusion training.

* Gifted training to staff at a local mental health hospital in the subject of Transgender Inclusivity to support residents and patients whom identify as transgender or non-binary.

* Gifted a full working day in careers advice to over 120 pupils at a local Catholic school.

* Delivered safeguarding training (subjects: Female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriage) to over 140 staff at a large local high school, to increase awareness and support those at risk.

* Delivered training to around 120 prison staff around the U.K in the subject of Transgender Inclusivity, increasing the knowledge of those working in offender management to care for transgender and gender diverse prisoners more holistically.

* Co-researched and co-developed a needs analysis report for a local charity in the subject of LGBTQ young people in Wolverhampton to increase awareness of needs and steer service development.

* Raised awareness and funds for a local LGBT+ charity

* Set up a bi-monthly social event for the LGBT+ community in Wolverhampton

* Delivered training to nursing students on behalf of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in Transgender Inclusivity to increase knowledge and more holistic care of gender diverse patients.

Consultation with stakeholders

The company’s stakeholders are young people in the local and surrounding areas and professionals nationally. The founder of the company (whom has lived in the local area since birth) has an extensive background in sexual and reproductive health, applying medical knowledge and up to date information to the training which is delivered. The directors who live locally and in surrounding areas have a vested interest in the quality of training delivered to build resilience of the young people to which it is delivered.

We ask everyone attending the training to complete a short feedback form to measure impact and understanding. This has helped to develop the sessions further and ensure that they are age and target group appropriate, more than this, feedback helps to identify needs for further development of other services. By selling our training packages to organisations we are able to gift other training sessions to those that would be otherwise unable to access it, ensuring that all have equal opportunity to increase knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects.

And there it is, just look what we did!

We’re just a small Community Interest Company (CIC) and it all started off as a dream some 8 years ago whilst I was a student nurse, jotting in my notebook and i’m so proud of what we have achieved so far in our first official 12 months. We have so much passion between us (Me-Kelly, Alexus, Amy, Caroline, Richard, Ru, Stacie, Talib and Tina) and i’m absolutely certain that next years report will be even bigger and bolder but for now I’m chuffed to bits (as we say in the Black Country) because we’re making a difference to other peoples lives and that is all I ever really wanted, for positive, important messages to be shared and for those listening to be impressed upon. 

If this blog hasn’t impressed upon you, then stay tuned for the next, i’m sure they will get better with experience 😉


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  1. I just found your blog through Claire Carmichael’s Twitter page. Great first post and well done on your first 12 months and the wonderful work you’re doing. Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Awww thank you Katie, how wonderful that its reaching people I know through friends! Thank you for your kind words, i’m pretty sure (according to your email address) that your probably doing wonderful work yourself, good luck in everything you strive for xx

  2. Fabulous first blog, well done Kelly, looking forward to many more…….😊

    1. Thank you very much, i’m looking forward to ranting and raving more! xx

  3. Fantastic first post. I’m very proud to call you my friend xxx

    1. And me to you, what a wonderful surprise to find you at my door tonight! Thank you xx

  4. Can’t wait to read more Kelly, not only inspiring healthy choices but inspiring others to follow their dreams.

    1. Thanks Ange, I love seeing people achieve their dreams, it’s hard work but absolutely worth it xx

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