"Fantastic and well presented. Knowledge from trainers was brilliant. Really liked the session"
Safe Custodies Officer
HMP Franklind

No one enjoys powerpoint heavy training, least of all us!

Our training is delivered in the way that WE wish to learn, it has to be; 

Enjoyable– we remember more when we’re having fun

Engaging– By focusing on our content we ensure that participants want to listen

Relaxed– So that everyone attending feels comfortable enough to participate.

Currently offering training in;

LGBT+ Awareness- an engaging session with the following outcomes;

  • Where our own beliefs and experiences impact on the service that we deliver
  • How residing in an institution impacts on our identity
  • Understanding of the Equality act 2010 
  • Ensuring language and communication is inclusive
  • Embracing and celebrating difference

Transgender Inclusivity- Does your organisation already do well with being inclusive to L G & B but still struggling with ‘T’?

We’re here to explain everything there is to know, outcomes of the session include;

  • Considering the journey that a transgender person undergoes during transition
  • How the Equality act 2010 protects trans and gender diverse people
  • Understanding pronouns and gender variation
  • Avoiding unintentional discrimination
  • Identifying which environmental changes can be made to ensure inclusivity 
Both sessions offer CPD time for delegates and are tailored to the organisation to which it is being delivered. Both of these sessions have already been successfully delivered to;
~Prison healthcare and operational staff
~Staff at mental health inpatient hospitals
~Private healthcare staff
~Head teachers, teachers, teaching assistants and pastoral care staff


Both sessions are flexible and can fit the requirements of your team rota

"Very informative. Excellent interaction to each of the topics covered. Really great session for 'normalising' LGBT"
Pastoral care
Holly Lodge Science College